About Us

Liberty Building Forensics Group is not a “do-everything” kind of firm.

We have concentrated on effectively diagnosing and permanently solving moisture intrusion, mold problems, building material failures, construction litigation requirements, and cost recovery needs.

Liberty Building Forensics Group (Liberty) is the leading building forensics firm responsible for solving some of the world’s largest, most complex building failures – particularly those involving moisture & mold problems.

Liberty’s staff has a combined 200 years of experience in solving construction and design deficiencies, including over 30 years consulting with Walt Disney Corporation on more than 500 highly complex construction projects worldwide. Our international firm brings the expertise and knowledge of over 4,000 projects (both across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, as well as in Europe and Asia) to meet your needs in commercial properties.

Our clients have successfully built over $20B in construction as a result of our problem avoidance peer reviews. Our philosophy is that avoiding problems before they happen is always the best approach. A recognized leader in helping clients design and construct complex, sustainable green buildings, LBFG proactively addresses possible failures of those same projects. In fact, we authored a book on mold and moisture avoidance for the largest theme park owner/developer in the world. Ask us for a free download.

Since we understand how to analyze complex moisture-related claims to produce the most favorable results, we can more exactly allocate damages and communicate the story more effectively to a judge or jury. As a result, we have assisted clients in recovering over $500M. A client once equated bringing Liberty to testify against opposing experts to bringing a gun to a knife fight.

We have assisted clients in recovering over $500 million through our proven ability to understand and apportion complex moisture-related insurance claims and then to effectively communicate our findings.


LBFG’s expertise includes:

  • Solving indoor air quality and mold-related building problems in every climate, worldwide
  •  Writing the first LEED® and green design / construction risk avoidance document for NCARB
  • Diagnosing and solving the most difficult condensation, high humidity, and mold problems
  • Working with corrosion-related failures and water intrusion issues in buildings for over 20 years
  • Resolving over $100M of HVAC and plumbing piping failures
  • Being called upon by the U.S. Air Force and Disney to solve their most complex indoor air quality problems
  • Conducting building envelope commissioning and repairs for air, water, and vapor problems
  • Assisting global companies in protecting their real estate portfolio through custom mothballing, layaway, and decommissioning techniques
  • Effectively integrating both building envelope and HVAC-related building pressurization avoidance and repairs
  • Resolving building product deficiencies like Chinese drywall failure, CPVC piping, and HVAC mastics
  • Performing state-of-the-art commissioning and QA/QC services that others do not use
  • Being touted by an attorney as one of the best testifying experts he has ever had


Providing effective diagnostics & permanent solutions to:

  • moisture intrusion
  • mold problems
  • building material failures
  • demands of construction litigation
  • cost recovery needs