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Coming of Age: How to Kee...
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Hospitality owners and property managers across the country and around the world are approaching (or have already observed) a birthday many don’t want to celebrate. Their buildings, typically 30-35 years old, are in need of undergoing what the industry refers to as “major upgrades” falling under the regularly planned work cycle. Examples include timely upgrades

How to Keep the Wave of V...
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The timeshare industry is enjoying a significant wave of expansion as an entire generation of vacation ownership buildings reaches maturity. Many U.S. resorts now 30 to 35 years old must undergo serious renovation work to their infrastructure. A huge number of modern resorts are also coming online globally to meet new and existing vacation ownership

Construction Risk Manager...
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Today’s healthy construction activity is a boon for an industry that’s waited years to recover, but Florida-based Liberty Building Forensics Group® (Liberty) warns that a risk manager’s biggest nightmare could come true if steps aren’t taken to prevent moisture damage in warm, humid climates. Construction risk management experts acknowledge water to be a leading cause