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Fear Factor: Mold Returns...
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Here’s a building owner’s real fear factor: your building is found to have mold and moisture problems. Diagnostic tests lead to a complete rebricking of the exterior, only for the same mold problems to return the following summer. That’s scary. How could the repair have been so far off from what was actually the problem?

Military Housing Washes O...
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It remains to be seen whether new building code requirements that contain stricter air tightness standards based on energy efficiency initiatives are actually attainable. Buildings that passed former air tightness standards with flying colors just a few years ago would now fail dismally under more recent, aggressive standards in codes such as IgCC and IECC.

Strange Bedfellows: Commo...
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Airbag maker Takata made headlines recently as a seventh airbag-related fatality forced the Japanese company to announce the largest auto recall in history. Takata had initially recalled faulty airbags in 18 million vehicles, believing the malfunctions to be linked to cars in hot, humid climates. Although the airbags were failing in other climates as well,

Coming of Age: How to Kee...
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Hospitality owners and property managers across the country and around the world are approaching (or have already observed) a birthday many don’t want to celebrate. Their buildings, typically 30-35 years old, are in need of undergoing what the industry refers to as “major upgrades” falling under the regularly planned work cycle. Examples include timely upgrades

How to Keep the Wave of V...
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The timeshare industry is enjoying a significant wave of expansion as an entire generation of vacation ownership buildings reaches maturity. Many U.S. resorts now 30 to 35 years old must undergo serious renovation work to their infrastructure. A huge number of modern resorts are also coming online globally to meet new and existing vacation ownership

Waking the Dead: How to S...
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This is part 2 of 2. The building owners may get paid easily from their insurance companies after a failure occurs, but subrogation of the case by the insurance company often becomes a complicated, prolonged mess. This means the insurance company takes on the owners’ rights, assuming the difficult role of tracking down all players

This is part 2 of 2. LBFG recently worked with a midwestern medical facility experiencing buildup of frost and ice in above-ceiling spaces and clerestories during winter months two years after construction. The frost/ice eventually melted, causing damage and leaking into occupied rooms below. LBFG discovered the causes to be an improperly designed air barrier

“The Iceman Cometh”:...
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This is part 1 of 2. The 1940’s play “The Iceman Cometh” examines the dangers of an illusory life. Fortunately, when it comes to building science, there’s no need to live under illusory pretensions about whether a building will fail or thrive. Florida-based Liberty Building Forensics Group® (LBFG), a leading building forensics firm that has

Construction Risk Manager...
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Today’s healthy construction activity is a boon for an industry that’s waited years to recover, but Florida-based Liberty Building Forensics Group® (Liberty) warns that a risk manager’s biggest nightmare could come true if steps aren’t taken to prevent moisture damage in warm, humid climates. Construction risk management experts acknowledge water to be a leading cause

What’s to Prevent a Rep...
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The immediate future looks bright for South Florida as it basks in a revival of new construction. But Florida-based Liberty Building Forensics Group® (Liberty) cautions designers, engineers, and contractors not to let history repeat itself. A significant number of condo projects built in Miami in the early 2000’s ended in litigation due to building failures

This is part 3 of 3. The solution to the clash between brand standards and regional best practices is threefold: 1) Design professionals and contractors need to assert that specific requirements for hotels in certain climates cannot be violated if hotels are to avoid mold and moisture problems. 2) The brand must accept that certain

This is part 2 of 3. The inherent flaw in the situation is that brands claim their standards are only guidelines. They believe the designer or contractor on site is ultimately responsible for interpreting how the regional climate might impact brand standards. Ideally, the design and construction teams who are responsible for making sure everything

This is part 1 of 3. Florida-based Liberty Building Forensics Group® (Liberty), a leading building forensics firm that has solved some of the world’s largest and most complex building moisture and mold problems, has a warning for unsuspecting hotel design and construction teams. Rigid adherence to brand standards without factoring in specific regional and climatic

This is part 2 of 2. Liberty Vice President George DuBose explained that the average building age of a prolific generation of hotels in the United States is currently 25 or 30 years. “This means the statute of limitations for original designers and contractors is long gone,” he said. “As a result, the last recourse