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This is the fourth post in a series by J. David Odom (ASHRAE), Richard Scott (AIA/NCARB/LEED AP), and George H. DuBose (CGC). It was first published as a mini-monograph for NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards). Through our evaluation of various LEED credit opportunities for designers, we hope to establish the fact that a

When Being Green is a Lit...
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An article titled “Going Green” by George DuBose appeared in the May issue of Construction Executive. Shortly after, Mr. DuBose received an email from Ken Brown, president and CEO of MKT Metal Mfg. (a mid-Atlantic manufacturer of duct) who had read the article. Attached was the article below, which Ken had written for a trade publication.

Looking at a Building’s...
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This post by David Odom is part 3 of 3. To the discerning eye, there are remarkable similarities between the biomed and construction fields. The medical community consistently looks for biomarkers in human DNA structure. This helps them to connect the dots between cause and effect. Even as early as the womb, they are able

The Incredible Predictabi...
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This post by David Odom is part 1 of 3. Suppose there was a tool that could predict, before a single penny was spent on construction, the likelihood of whether your building would fail. Not only that, but this tool could also provide you with enough information to make significant design changes that would dramatically