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Risks Associated with Con...
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This is the fifteenth post in a series by J. David Odom (ASHRAE), Richard Scott (AIA/NCARB/LEED AP), and George H. DuBose (CGC). It was first published as a mini-monograph for NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards). Increased building ventilation over the design amounts can create a range of problems, such as inadequate sizing of

A Brief History of Hotel...
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This post by David Odom is part 2 of 3. Like many other aspects of the construction industry, hotel construction is very cyclical in nature. It tends to follow a decade-long pattern of “boom or bust”: contractors build rapidly to the point that overbuilding occurs, leading to an inevitable crash. The charts above reflect institutional

Why Peer Reviews Need Sta...
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Designers need statutory privacy protection for peer reviews, the same privilege enjoyed by physicians, to be sure reviews won’t be used as court evidence.