Codification controversy abounds!

The author of a blog recently published by Building Design + Construction points out the fact that there is a “bru-ha-ha” brewing among the newly formed AHPBC (American High-Performance Buildings Coalition) and the USGBC. The AHPBC says that LEED does not meet ANSI-type “consensus” standards. They are right. Adding to the challenge is that now, much of LEED is new code with the New Green Code issued in March 2012 (ICGC). Unintended consequences are just around the corner from the use of this new codification. It’s true that organizations like ASHRAE have issued standards like ASHRAE Standard 189.1 and that these standards do meet the ANSI standards. Unfortunately the prescriptive nature of the LEED rating system found it way into organizations like ASHRAE and this has resulted in design and construction by checklist. Follow the trail to the new Green Code and you will uncover the reality that LEED’s prescriptive nature has found its way into code.

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