Liberty sends two speakers to the ASHRAE 2013 Meeting in Dallas, TX.

George DuBose and Don Snell both attended and spoke for the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Dallas Texas, January 26 and 27, 2013. Both Mr. DuBose and Mr. Snell were highlighted for their expertise in HVAC systems with regards to hot, humid climates, the Hidden Risks of Building Green and Building Commissioning. Their talks featured case studies and in-depth looks at codification issues, moisture intrusion and the risks of building green in hot humid climates. Both men have extensive experience in these areas and their expertise has helped Liberty Building Forensics Group lead their clients to solve some of the world’s most difficult building failures with regard to all things moisture including the Louisiana Superdome Roof Failure. You can find out more information about ASHRAE and their conferences by going to their website – http://www.ashrae.org.


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